A successful sale is a deliberate, thoughtful activity. In order to have a successful sale every time you pitch, you need a process that you initiate over and over again. By the way, this is Bennett Kireker. Today, let’s talk about sales.

First of all, sales requires a strategy; a process, and a way to proceed that you can measure and monitor. You can’t just sell here, there, and everywhere. You can’t just pick up the phone when you have some free time. It’s something you have to commit to on an ongoing basis. Selling any type of product or service is crossing a fine line between being persuasive and being too pushy to the point of arrogance.

The way consumers are making purchasing decisions is constantly changing, so it’s important to continually re-evaluate your sales strategy. A well-defined sales strategy is essential in providing a clear framework and process from which your sales representatives can create their own unique style that’s aligned with your company’s overall objectives. Here are some techniques that you can apply to your own sales strategy:

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The customer is always right

This has got to be one of the oldest saying in business but it can’t be any truer! In sales, the customer is always right, even if they’re wrong. No matter what the buyer says, states, or demands, you should never, ever disagree or make out the buyer as wrong or suggest their request is impossible. Once you perfect this simple strategy, your sales are saved. When you tell someone you can’t, won’t, they’re not allowed to, or that’s impossible, you cause the customer to become defensive, more unwavering in their position, and make them less likely to agree. What you eventually say means nothing in a sale, but what the customer believes is everything. You can have the best sales presentation in the world, but if the customer doesn’t believe your proposal, then you very likely won’t stand a chance.

Researching your prospects is essential

Back in the day, it would take around 100 cold calls or so to get noticed by any of the big companies. These cold calls got annoying and pushy as they had the same script for anyone they called. A few big corporations got smart and decided to send all cold calls to voicemail. It wasn’t because they weren’t interested in doing business, but it sounds like doing business with a robot. A few enterprising people, however, decided to do research on the companies they’re pitching for and tailored their presentations for that particular company’s profile and needs. This earned them callbacks and meetings from the company executives and eventually landed them a sale. It pays to know who you’re selling to and what their particular needs are. A pillow will be a hard sell for someone who needs rocks.

Be real; authenticity is key

A prospective customer can sense if you are being genuine enough during the sales process. In other words, it’s important to let the customer feel that you care about their business and not just the deal, even if they are just prospective customers at this point. Coming off too calculated can turn people off; however, remember that there is nothing wrong with being prepared and doing a little research. It’s okay if you appear ready and professional for every question that comes your way, just don’t act like you don’t care about the customer’s best interests.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts! This is Bennett Kireker and I look forward to seeing you again!