Hello and welcome to my site! I’m Bennett Kireker and this is my small corner of the Internet where I’ll be discussing a range of topics; from agricultural sales to NYC sports. I took up agricultural science in college and then immersed myself in the agribusiness. I started with growing and selling organic garden vegetables to local restaurants, then shifted to agricultural equipment later on. I have a diverse range of interests since I live in the West Coast (Pismo Beach, California) but love the sports scene that the East Coast has to offer! I’m also a bit of a techie geek so you’ll be sure to find posts about VR gaming and the latest tech news on my site. And a bit of trivia: my favorite TV shows are Tosh.O, Last Man on Earth, and Shark Tank. I can’t wait to share my life and thoughts with all of you!

California Dreamin’

As I mentioned, I’m currently residing in Pismo Beach, a city in the San Luis Obispo County in California. As the name suggests, we have some excellent beaches here for lounging around under the California sun. I love living here because Pismo Beach offers some of the country’s best ocean views, a pier perfect for fishing, and choice surfing spots. And since it’s located mid-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, I get the advantage of being near the main cities without the inflated cost of living!

Living in California has definitely taught me to appreciate farmers’ markets and all the produce that they sell there. I’m in the business of agricultural sales; if you have any questions on this topic, check my blog for updates! I’ll be sure to discuss how my job brings more than just food to the table. In a nutshell, agricultural sales professionals help the industry by selling products related to crop and food production, while serving as representatives of different companies. I’m truly blessed to be able to merge my passion for food and my professional sales experience with what I do now.

NYC Never Sleeps

I’ve talked about my West Coast life, now let me tell you about how I live in the East Coast and why it’s special to me in more ways than one. You have to know this about me: I love sports. Specifically, the NFL’s New York Jets. I’m in New York most of the time just to watch their games, and attend to business matters, of course. New York makes both work and play possible in one city. I don’t even have to go into detail to explain NYC to you; I’m sure you know the magic that New York City has to offer. The city and my favorite sports team make it one of my favorite places to visit. In fact, I’m in the city twice a year, for both business and pleasure.

Aside from my personal life, I’ll also be discussing my professional life and the industries that I’m involved in. Expect to read updates on agricultural sales news and a bit of techie news, as well. I’m a big fan of VR gaming and I plan to discuss that in a blog post very soon. There will also be posts on sales and sales tips, so make sure to check the site for those!

Thanks for dropping by my site. This is Bennett Kireker once again. Be sure to check in frequently for more updates and news!